Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Who am I?

I’m an experienced and cautious currency trader. I studied mathematics and statistics and earned my Honours degree at Plymouth University. I have also studied advanced technical analysis and have developed my own profitable trading strategy. I made my first million by the age of 30.

What is my trading strategy?

The aim of my trading strategy is to steadily grow my bank at an average of around 1.5% each and every trading day whilst keeping the risk per trade as low as possible.

Over time. I have continually improved my strategy and had my own custom indicator written MetaTrader 4. My indicator uses a combination of multiple time frames and stochastics. I combine the results from my indicator with stochastic divergence, Fibonacci ratios and support & resistance levels.

I do not solely rely on my indicator as this would be foolish. I use it for guidance for all of my trades. I also analyse fundamentals including news broadcasts.

The indicator I developed gives me a high probability of a successful trade and allows me to predict price turning point regions with a high degree of accuracy.

Currently, I’m getting a strike rate of around 50%. I’m a cautious trader so my losing trades cost me no more than 1% of my bank whereas my winning trades go on to make me anything up to (and sometimes exceeding) 10% of my bank. Most days I’ll have one or two trades and my bank is continually growing steadily.

My target is to grow my bank by an average of 1.5% per day. This doesn’t sound much but it equates to 7.7% per week or 4,800% per year. For instance, on day 1 with a £20,000 bank you’d be looking to make £300. On day 2 your bank would be £20,300 and you’d be looking to make £304.50 and so on. When your bank reaches £100,000 you’d still be looking to make 1.5% per day but rather than looking to make £300 you’d be looking to achieve a £1,500 profit. This is the power of compounding.

1.5% growth per day is equivalent to 7.7% per week. The table below shows how this changes over a year:

As you can see from the table because of the way the growth compounds it means that a relatively modest bank of £20,000 should turn into over £1,000,000 over the course of a year if you were to make 1.5% per day. Even if I only hit half the target of 0.75% a day it would only take two years to reach the million.

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What services do I offer?

Email alerts

My monthly subscription service allows you to follow along with my trades as they take place. I’ll send you a trading alert each time that I place a trade with details of the currency pair, my entry point, the stop loss and whether the trade is long or short. I will also send out a similar alert when I exit the trade in whole or in part.

I have developed a custom written indicator that generates an early warning when likely profitable trades are set to occur. Potential trades look markedly different when viewed on different timescales so my indicator uses these to generate a signal that can then be used to get an entry point with a high probability of a successful trade.

Whilst my indicator is not for sale, you can sign up and I’ll send you my trades for the duration of your subscription. What you do with this information is entirely up to you – I’d suggest that you paper trade so that you can get a feel for the information I’ll be sending you so that you can judge for yourself the quality of my trades. You should also read the disclaimer page.

Private client

If you have sufficient funds, I may be able to take you on as one of my private clients. Please note that I only take on clients who have at least £250,000 to trade and are willing to accept my 50% profit share terms. Please use the contact link above if this applies to you.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve set up this site to publicise my trades for a number of reasons:

  • Sharing my trades keeps me accountable to myself so I’m less likely to be tempted to trade rashly.  It makes sure that I wait for market conditions to be right, rather than trading for the sake of trading.
  • This site is a hobby for me and the nominal income from this service goes into a pot for my child’s trust fund. I don’t care if you sign up or not as the purpose of this site is not to be a huge money maker.
  • I enjoy helping other people become successful traders and I get an ego boost from showing that I can regularly pick winning trades.

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What does my email service include?

My email trading alert service sends out an alert every time I place a trade, I’ll send out an email with details of my position so that you can decide whether you want to mimic my trades.

I’ll also tell you when I take profit from a trade or exit from it completely.

The learning experience you’ll get from watching my trades and getting into the mindset of a successful Forex trader who trades billions of dollars a year is worth a lot more than the low subscription fee.

The service is cautious and works with 1% trades which means that your bank is protected. If you look at other systems out there, you need to check the likely drawdown. By trading just 1% of my bank and getting a high percentage of winning trades, the risk of a big drawdown on my bank is very low indeed, which is the way successful Forex trading should be. Unlike many traders, I have never blown up an account.

What is my pricing?

You can follow my trades for a low subscription fee of just £79 per month for the first six months. After that, you’ll know just how successful my trading strategy is and if you’ve chosen to copy my trades then you’ll have seen your bank grow substantially, so your monthly subscription rises to £179 per month.

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