PostHeaderIcon Closed 50% of EU for 101 pips SL now 1.3118

PostHeaderIcon 104 pips profit on EU = 6.5% so far

AU out for -1% on an unlucky pullback otherwise we’d be 1% up on it rather than 1% down. Error on my part moving stop to BE on EJ otherwise that would be nicely in profit rather than out for BE.

EU just hit 100+ pips in profit – over 6% up – stop still currently at BE.

UCAD is dithering… if it can break these highs it should fly but at the moment it’s at roughly BE.

PostHeaderIcon EU closed out for 3.1% Have a great weekend guys

PostHeaderIcon 75 pips profit so far – Stop to 1.3685 locking in a further 1% profit

PostHeaderIcon Banked 1.5% on EURUSD by closing 50% of trade – other half to run

PostHeaderIcon EURGBP now at 3% profit

EURGBP now at 3% profit

NZDUSD stop to just above the high at 15:10 0.7767

Stop to 0.7767 leaving 5 pip risk. This stop is above 61.8% retracement of the last move.

PostHeaderIcon EU out at breakeven

PostHeaderIcon Closed last 25% of USDCAD 25% from Thursday for 115 pips profit

PostHeaderIcon 25% of USDCAD banked at 135 pips 25% still running

PostHeaderIcon USDCAD at 90 pips profit

Still holding the other 50% from yesterday to see if we can get through 1.01 and make a big move up. Moving stop to 1.0025. I expect some sort of pullback over the next few hours and may decide to hold this until next week. Anyone not wanting to do that can close the whole trade out for around 3% now.

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