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PostHeaderIcon AUDUSD SL to breakeven – currently at 1.5% profit (daily target)

SL to 0.9966

PostHeaderIcon Closed EURAUD for a total of just under 4%

Decided that I’d like to bank the profit rather than leave it on overnight. I still think it could carry on down but it will definitely pullback first and the earlier pullback was too close for comfort! Shame about the two EJ trades but overall a good profit for the day.

PostHeaderIcon EURAUD closed 50% at 1.3650 for 92 pips profit

The other half i’m leaving on

PostHeaderIcon A minimum 4.40% up for the day

3 trades taken today

Trade 1 – NZDUSD -1.00%

Trade 2 – EURAUD +2.92%

Trade 3 – Still in AUDUSD +2.49% (minimum if stop gets hit)

Total +4.40%

PostHeaderIcon Both EURJPY positions closed for a total profit of 9.09% today

Have a good weekend all – fictional bank back up nicely to £96,011

PostHeaderIcon EURJPY 2nd position 50% banked at 60 pips

SL moved as well to 110.72

PostHeaderIcon EURJPY banked at 110.53 for 96 pips profit 6.86%

Position 2 left running SL at breakeven 111.19 – currently a further 2.75%

PostHeaderIcon 50% of EJ closed for 40 pips 109.96

PostHeaderIcon USDCAD stop to 1.0229 – locks in a small 0.5% profit if it fails to break 1.0250

PostHeaderIcon 130 pips on EURUSD 30 pips on USDCAD – stop to breakeven on USDCAD

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